Using Window Shades to Protect Your Skin

Using Window Shades to Protect Your Skin

We all know how important it is to protect our skin when outside in the sun. The sun’s rays can be incredibly harmful, which is why we apply sunscreen or wear long-sleeved clothing when spending hours in it.

What about indoor protection, though?

Do you need to do the same thing?

Most people believe that being inside is the safest thing you can do, though unfortunately, it’s not true in the slightest. Harmful UV rays can enter into your home through windows and doors. When it comes to your skin, there are two types of UV rays that can have adverse effects, including UVA and UVB.

These types of sun rays are most damaging for skin health and can lead to a number of health hazards, one of the worst being Melanoma or skin cancer. Beyond UV rays acting as an enemy to skin health, harmful UV rays can destroy the furnishings and floors in your home.

Luckily, there are a few ways to combat these rays from entering the home, including Low-E window installation, UV film installation, and, of course, blackout window treatment installation.

The most effective way to block out harmful UV rays is with UV blocking affordable blinds. Beyond fighting off UV rays, blackout blinds also add a sense of privacy to the home, retain heat to lower energy costs, and can look absolutely fabulous no matter the decor you have!

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to blackout window blinds, so we have compiled a few options that will hopefully suit all of your home needs while providing you with the proper protection!

Honeycomb Blinds

No matter if it is hot, chilly, or cloudy, UV protection is necessary during any season. When the climate changes, you don’t want to have to change your window treatments to compensate. You want to make a one-time investment that will retain efficiency throughout the year. This is where honeycomb blinds come in handy.

Honeycomb blinds work to block out as much as 99%  of UV rays from the home. There are plenty of great styles like shows “in stock” top down bottom up shades and with many colors to choose from as well, meaning you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect set for your home!

Using Window Shades to Protect Your Skin
Using Window Shades to Protect Your Skin

Beyond protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, honeycomb blinds act as the perfect insulator, effectively reducing energy costs!

Roller Shades

Roller shades offer some of the best UV protection around. There are plenty of different fabric options to choose from, though it is important to pay attention to “openness” see zebra shades. Openness ranges from 1% to 15%, determining how much sunlight you let into your home (the higher the number, the more sunlight).

A lower percentage provides tons of UV protection and total privacy due to the weave tightness. A higher percentage, on the other hand, will allow more UV rays through, though you’ll be able to see through them as well. Of course, you can purchase an extra layer of lining if you want to add a bit of privacy to the equation.

When indoors, it important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Make sure to consider your window treatments when looking for the best form of UV protection!

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